Sunday, August 16, 2015

Making My Home In the A5 Domino

I've only started using paper planners back in May. I started out in a personal sized Filofax Domino. I loved the bright pink and purple but I felt it was too small. I'm on the go quite a bit and figured that a small planner would be perfect! Until I ran out of room!
Filofax ring planner purple with hot pink polka dots.
Last month I found someone selling an A5 domino on one of the Facebook groups and it was a really good price! I snatched it up quick as i could! When i got it I was in love. It would give me more space to write, bigger rings and more little pockets to hide decorative goodies in. 

It took me a couple days but I started to make myself at home in the new planner. I made some dividers and a couple of folders for it. 

One of the folders I made. Holds sticky notes and stickers.

I cut down a plastic folder I purchased from Dollar tree. I took an A5 divider and traced around it. Then i cut it out and used my rapesco hole punch to put holes in it. I got 2 folders out of it and had plastic enough to make a couple of book marks. I'm planning a tutorial post on this later. 

I am still getting used to the A5 size as far as carrying it around. I'm not sure that I'll stick with it as my on the go planner. I've been watching some YouTube videos and I'm thinking of going to a 2 planner system with the A5 being a 43 Folders type setup. 

I am currently using Ms Wenduhh's WO2P Hearts inserts for my weekly planning. I really like these and they were what I used in my personal as well. They are free and she has a lot more amazing freebies and tutorials!

I'd love to hear about your planner setup. Let me know in the comments! 

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