Friday, August 21, 2015

How I Use Target Page Flags In My Layouts

Yes it's another planner post. I was thinking of what to write and started scrolling through Facebook. Someone asked about how to use the ever popular Target page flags in planner spreads.
Well I figured showing how I do it would help some people. 

The first thing I use them for are appointments in my weekly pages. I don't color code but the flags stand out enough that I can see at a glance what's up for the day. 

I add to do items on the right of the appointments. I saw this method on YouTube and find it easy to do. It makes everything easy to see at a glance. 

If you remember my last post you'll see I did decide to move back into my personal size domino by the way! It's just much easier to carry. 

Now on to the other way I've found to use the Target page flags. I used them to make a daily routine list. I keep it behind a plastic piece in the middle of my weekly spread and plan to use an erasable marker to check thugs off. 

With these page flags you really do have to stick them down with some adhesive. I use a repositionable glue stick for this. 

How do you use your target page flags or other page flags in planning? 

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