Monday, August 24, 2015

Frog Pond Reflections

Those of us who are fiber artists have taken many trips to the frog pond. We've gotten 2/3 way through a project and decided that we didn't like the pooling, the gauge or the yarn and pattern just were not right. With quite a bit of grumbling, and possibly some tears we start to rip back those carefully knit or crocheted stitches. There may even be a few choice words involved (considering I cuss like there's no tomorrow I know this from experience.)

There are also those projects that we never frog. They stay hidden away in their project bags. They get pushed back to the furthest corner of our WIP bin. Possibly worse, we just continue on stitching even though we know we will hate it. We think that it just looks horrible now and it'll get better as we go.

I'm thinking about this today because I'm staring at about 5 dropped stitches at the ending ribbing of my Gemini Pullover and trying to debate what to do. I've gotten pretty decent at picking up stitches in a straight stockinette piece. I've gotten good at it when using a worsted weight wool yarn. But, this pullover is being done in KnitPicks Shine Sport (I think?) and it's very slippery. I've also never successfully picked up stitches of a ribbed piece.

I have tried a number of times to knit this top and have failed miserably. Last year I cast it on no less than 5 times! It was always something! A dropped stitch here, lace mess up there, roommates cat decided to eat my damn needles...well you get the picture. This time around I am determined to get this top finished. I want to wear it when I go to Rhinebeck this fall!!!

I've decided I've become OK with frogging small projects. I've become ok with frogging halfway done projects as well. I just recently ripped out an almost completed Honey Cowl because the gauge was just not working and the way the yarn pooled made me ill. But, I will NOT rip out this sweater. I'm going to swallow my nerves and take it in to my LYS to see if I can get some help picking up the stitches. I'm also going to see if I can learn the best way to weave in the ends of this super slippery yarn. The skeins are small and I've had to add new yarn several times. The magic knot was NOT an option!

So, I guess the moral of the story is to pick your battles. Step back, take some deep breaths and move away from the project!! Ask yourself a few questions before you go vaulting towards the frog pond of doom.

  • Do I like the way this looks now?
  • Can I fix it?
  • Would the yarn be better suited for something else?
  • Is it something that can be played off as a "design element?"
  • How many F-bombs will I drop after I've ripped it out? 
Think about it and process it. Our arts are supposed to bring us joy. If they aren't then why do them? Even if you're a product stitcher there's no point in slogging through something all unhappily. That energy will stick to your project and be gross. 

So what do you think? What are your "frogpond rules?"

Friday, August 21, 2015

How I Use Target Page Flags In My Layouts

Yes it's another planner post. I was thinking of what to write and started scrolling through Facebook. Someone asked about how to use the ever popular Target page flags in planner spreads.
Well I figured showing how I do it would help some people. 

The first thing I use them for are appointments in my weekly pages. I don't color code but the flags stand out enough that I can see at a glance what's up for the day. 

I add to do items on the right of the appointments. I saw this method on YouTube and find it easy to do. It makes everything easy to see at a glance. 

If you remember my last post you'll see I did decide to move back into my personal size domino by the way! It's just much easier to carry. 

Now on to the other way I've found to use the Target page flags. I used them to make a daily routine list. I keep it behind a plastic piece in the middle of my weekly spread and plan to use an erasable marker to check thugs off. 

With these page flags you really do have to stick them down with some adhesive. I use a repositionable glue stick for this. 

How do you use your target page flags or other page flags in planning? 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Making My Home In the A5 Domino

I've only started using paper planners back in May. I started out in a personal sized Filofax Domino. I loved the bright pink and purple but I felt it was too small. I'm on the go quite a bit and figured that a small planner would be perfect! Until I ran out of room!
Filofax ring planner purple with hot pink polka dots.
Last month I found someone selling an A5 domino on one of the Facebook groups and it was a really good price! I snatched it up quick as i could! When i got it I was in love. It would give me more space to write, bigger rings and more little pockets to hide decorative goodies in. 

It took me a couple days but I started to make myself at home in the new planner. I made some dividers and a couple of folders for it. 

One of the folders I made. Holds sticky notes and stickers.

I cut down a plastic folder I purchased from Dollar tree. I took an A5 divider and traced around it. Then i cut it out and used my rapesco hole punch to put holes in it. I got 2 folders out of it and had plastic enough to make a couple of book marks. I'm planning a tutorial post on this later. 

I am still getting used to the A5 size as far as carrying it around. I'm not sure that I'll stick with it as my on the go planner. I've been watching some YouTube videos and I'm thinking of going to a 2 planner system with the A5 being a 43 Folders type setup. 

I am currently using Ms Wenduhh's WO2P Hearts inserts for my weekly planning. I really like these and they were what I used in my personal as well. They are free and she has a lot more amazing freebies and tutorials!

I'd love to hear about your planner setup. Let me know in the comments!